Are You Struggling to Master The Law of Attraction?
Discover How You can Amplify Your Manifesting Power Using
3 Powerful Techniques

Consciously using the law of attraction to manifest what you want can be a magical and extremely life empowering process. However few people ever learn the correct techniques to mastering this powerful mental science. There are secrets to manifesting that few people will ever understand. These proven techniques increase your manifesting intention in a most dramatic way.

Imagine being able to see absolute results in as little as 7 to 10 days.

If you have not been successful with affirmations and visualization then discover an extremely powerful step that will dramatically enhance both your affirmations and visualization. If you have ever wondered if there is a missing link, then you have come to the right place.

The universe is a magical place, there are forces moving in and through you which influence the way in which you attract. Learning to control those forces can dramatically alter your life.

You may already be aware of the science of your thoughts. You may understand that your thoughts influence the law of attract to create your reality. However are you aware of how to add power and influence to your thoughts to make them more magnetic, more effective?


Learn the Spiritual & Mental Formula For
  Manifesting Money For Anything Fast


The moment most everyone discovers the science of thought the first desire which comes is, "How can I use it to make more money now?"

Have you ever noticed that all our actions in this physical life are ruled by our desire to attain more money?

Money equals power, success but above all it equals freedom. Freedom to manifest the life you want, freedom to go where and when you want. Freedom to get the best quality food to maintain a healthy body. The list goes on for what more money can do in your life.

However without money you are stagnant, miserable and oppressed; you are a ship on the ocean of life without a sail.

Lack of money keeps you frustrated in life.

Lack of money keeps you a slave and a prisoner to undesirable circumstances. You are unable to experience the richness of the world without money. You are limited to second class food, health, schooling but most importantly your creative energies suffer.

However with that said, the true science to manifesting money places you beyond money.

Money becomes your servant as opposed to you becoming a slave to money. Money is a byway to all the things that money can bring. It is not the end as so many people think.

What you chase runs away from you and money is no different. You are not magnetic when you chase however when you increase your center by becoming a stronger magnet your level of influence increases.

You must become a stronger magnet so what you want will come willingly and easily towards you.


You Are a Magnet
But What Sort of Magnet Are You

While your thoughts do influence the law of attraction and create your reality, there is a quality behind your thoughts that make you a more effective magnet. Your thoughts create a field which draws what you desire towards you. However not all magnets possess the same strength. By applying one simple ancient technique you can increase the influence of the magnet to literally suck your desires towards you.

Discover a techniques that in only a few minutes a day will increase all the previous manifesting techniques you have been struggling with.

Learn how to increase your intention and how to see faster results with less effort.

Learn how to set a goal and put yourself through manifesting boot camp to see results in as little as a 10 days.


Becoming a More Powerful Magnet

Power comes from changing your relation to the world around you. You must awaken your internal power of influence. You cannot successful manifest from a limited, fearful, timid mind set You must be able to know as well as see that the world around you is working for you and with you.

Because changing your mind set can be a struggle for most, I have included these five guided, mental training techniques to empower your magnetic abilities. Each audio is designed to take you to the deepest level of your mind where you can awaken more manifesting power than every before.

How many times have you read certain techniques yet could not apply it on your own. These guided audios are designed to awaken your hidden power so that you can produce results.



Did you know that within you there is an inner guide waiting to direct you towards all your goals?

When it is awaken, you become a powerhouse for always moving into the right place at the right time.

Do you feel stagnant, unsure of what you really want to manifest? Do you want to know if you are taking the right steps or moving in the right direction?

Awakening your Psychic Navigator is a crucial key to manifesting, one that you should never ignore.

Learn the fastest way to awaken your psychic navigator.


You mind and body are a magnet sending out thought frequencies which either attract or respell money. One of the first steps to manifesting money is to alter that magnetic current so that mind comes to you.

Learn how to activate your magnetic center so that you draw more money towards you.

Experience more power as you learn to control your magnetic power of influence.


This incredible technique is worth the entire course because it gives you the power of influence to change your connection with the world around.

Stop trying to manifest from a place where you feel powerless. Instead experience extreme power. Know for sure that everything and everyone is working for you.

Activate that key where everything and everyone wants for you, what you want.


Creation is the conscious and organized use of light. Working with light is pure magic. It has the power to propel you further and faster.

Light is manifesting on steroids. When you work with light people and situations simply fall into place. Hard work is reduced.

Manifesting with light allows you to experience a magical flow in your life. Barriers fall away and struggles dissolve. Light is pure power!


Manifest money or anything you desire faster. This technique is the most fundamental key to manifesting and producing results. Yet you may not be aware of it and so you continue to struggle.

Experience that key technique to producing results. Are you visualizing without seeing results? Then this key to manifesting faster is essential to your manifesting methods.

Discover what it takes to product faster results!


To Add to This Already Valuable Package, I Have Also Included a Very Effective Software Tool to Help You Achieve More Success

Your subconscious mind is triggered by pictures. Pictures help to convey a story and mental stories are a key element to manifesting.

Force your subconscious mind to effortlessly work all day towards your goals.

Simply add images of the things you want to manifest into the software and allow it to help you while you are busy working on other things.

This software is like having a vision board right on your computer. It works unobtrusively! You decide how many images to add, and where on your computer screen you want them to show up and for how long.


The following reviews are written by people who read and applied the techniques and saw results. Hopefully you will be one of them.

...WOW is all I can say for now

The technique you shared for getting more sales was very intriguing to me. It blew my mind that such a simple concept could make such a difference in sales. When I found your book, I was hung out to dry. Everything was going crazy. For the first five days that I followed your suggested program I felt less upset and more calm.

I knew something was working when I went to work and found that my boss had finally handled a problem that I had been asking him to look into for two years. That was not all, I found a ring which I had lost many years go. This ring was given to me by my grandfather while I was young. I have been looking for it for years only to find it in a small box where I would never have thought to look before.

My financial situation changed the day my boss took care of the matter in our office, but that's not all. Someone from a different company called to offer me a better position with a much bigger pay check.

I could say that this was 'magic money' but it sure required me to understand things in a new way. I followed the program daily and did not miss a beat. Intuitively I could tell something unusual was happening to me long before I saw the results. I want to say thank you for taking a difficult subject and making it easy and believable.

Brandon Hager
Southwest, Uk


I was amazed by the research into this method...just amazed!

I enjoyed everyone of the exercises in this Magic Money e-book. I am absolutely amazed by what I have come to understand about the way reality works. This book took me to a new level of understanding. I have to admit I was eager to learn what that new "tool" was. I was tempted to skip to find out but I did not. I was just amazed by the research that had been done into this method...just amazed!

I realize that you cannot stop learning. Even when scientist think that they got the answer to one aspect of things they discover that their is another use. Everything gets deeper.

I am happy that I took your advice to complete the program outlined in the book first, before submitting a review. I am still completely surprised by how things came together for me to get the things on my list. Of a list with five things I got every single one.

Alex Plummer
Austin, TX


Magic Money by Daniel Hinds is a " MUST READ!!!"

I recommend this book highly to anyone who wants to make money and actually have fun doing it!

The author has done a fine job of expressing both the secrets held by successful people, as well as the obstacles that tend to address many people when they start on any money making venture.

In using his own experiences, and those of others, he gives the reader clear and easily understood examples of the remarkably simple secrets which lead to success.

-Cynthia Archer


...I now have an extra $1,500 monthly.

What you think is what you create! “Hines’ Magic Money provides the reader with simple truths in creating fast money by utilizing listening skills, creative gifts, witty imaginations (ideas) and removing negativity from their lives. The exercise of exploring five ways for money to flow into your life was pivotal to me because I now have an extra $1,500 monthly. This one technique allowed me to explore the reservoir of resources within.

Gale LeVon


...powerful steps that are essential to manifesting anything allot FASTER

I have read many books on manifesting and continue to do so to keep my skills sharp.  I did not expect to learn anything more about attraction until i followed the meditation that guided me to open my psychic ability.  That took me on a different understanding that I did not learn before.  I understand better that attraction has to be a total spiritual thing. I loved this book, its simplicity did not reduce the powerful steps that are essential to manifesting anything allot FASTER.  I finally got it!

Linda Brock


Here is What You Will Gain When You Get This Entire Package:

Learn why the law of attraction is only the beginning and what other laws you must apply to get maximum results.

Discover a 3 step technique to find your way to the source of money. Every successful person who becomes rich depends heavily on this. Learn what it is and begin using it immediately, and no its not visualization its something else but just as important.

Learn why the development of certain mental techniques must be done regularly to increase their effect.

Do you know how to visualize? Most people do not know the way to correctly visualize. Ineffective visualization may be killing your goals.

Find out how much time you should spend visualizing to get maximum results. While many people spend a few moments a day this is insufficient to experience a magnetic breakthrough.

How to use the special technique with your visualization to suck in your attractions faster than ever before.

What is the one secret tool that few teachers ever tell you about in their initial programs but later charge you hundreds of dollars to teach you?

Discover the one step that is missing in most manifesting programs that will give you a quantum jolt in the direction of your desires.

Learn exactly what to do when you are absolutely stuck and can't seem to manifest what you want.  This one step will give you a powerful shift so you can finally see results.

You can find the perfect source of money waiting to be deliver to you every time, when you master this one super important step.

Did you know that you can have people willing to give you money, joyfully? It's a little known secret that you should keep to yourself once you learn how it works.

How to increase your vibration and magnetic field to such an outrageous levels using one method that will pull money to you like magic.  Few people are aware of this and most struggle in manifesting better circumstances because of a lack of it.  It's truly the missing link that few will ever know.

This 184 page ebook comes with the exact practical steps on exactly what you need to do and for how long you need to do it in order to see results. Plus the 5 guided techniques train your mind for even more power.


Added Gifts!

This entire package is designed to give you the shift you need to manifest money or anything you desire with greater ease. However I know that altering your belief system can be a challenge for most. I also know that the more you read the more confidence you gain. That is why I have added the following gifts to this already big bundle.


Spiritual Marketing Technique (mp3)

Discover how to influence more sales or to influence others to bring you more money. Using this technique with your business to increase sales or even in your workplace.

10 Thousand in Two Weeks

One woman's step by step method for attracting then thousand dollars in two weeks. Learn what she did the action that she took and how it all fell into place. All using the methods from this course.

10 Daily Steps to Becoming a Money Magnet

Manifesting does not begin and end with listening to this course. Its essential that you introduce daily habits into your life. These simple habits build your connection with money and your ability to manifest more of it.

Common Questions and Answer

Everyday I get lots of questions from readers wanting to know what they are doing wrong. Many of those questions are quite similar. I have compiled a few of the most common questions in this report.

Reengineering Yourself With Dynamic Affirmations

Affirmations are an important tool to manifesting what you want. But, do you know how to create them or the key to effective affirmations? This report will show you exactly what that key is to creating the most effective affirmations.

Hypnotic Mind - The Formula for Changing Your life

You must be in the right mental frequency in order to produce results. Don't close your eyes and hope to produce results without the information in this report.

Thought Force in Business

This timeless classic is filled with great knowledge as well as techniques in using your mental power to influence your power to manifest money, sales or whatever you want.

The Magic Story

A classic, inspirational story of one man's change from a life of struggle to a life of power as he learns to use his mental power to create a life of change.

Greatest Money Secret

The more you understand how the universe works the more power you have to create magic. Incorporate this secret to manifest more money than ever.


Are you Ready to make a Manifesting Breakthrough? Then sit back and let the following audio course with all of its bonuses help you manifest with ease. Imagine the changes in the next 10 days.


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To Your Manifesting Success,

Daniel Hinds

P. S. The secret step in this guide is certainly not hype, its a phenomenal power tool that creates extremely effective results. Its an ancient practice that will blow you away, if and only if you remain open minded and allow yourself to practice it and see the results.

P.S.S. This ebook is not for you if you intent to be lazy or remain closed minded. This principle is so easy, yet so effective that you would have to be mentally impaired not to take advantage of it.  I am confident that what you will learn will enhance your life greatly. You will be satisfied.